HJORT & FRØIK is a professional, dedicated, and efficient consulting company. Since 2007, we have worked with Search & Selection and over time we have supplemented our business with solid competencies within organisational learning, technology implementation, and organisational development.

We combine our customers’ recruitment needs with the need for onboarding, retention, and culture transformation. Our ambition is always to find a broader range of talent and new solutions to fit our customers’ recruitment needs, providing increased value for job candidates and companies. We provide a search of candidates from many EU countries.

Our main business areas:

  • Search & Selection
  • International Recruitment
  • Organisational Learning & Technology Implementation
  • Organisational & Leadership Development

Search & Selection – with Integral Onboarding

Our labour market is characterised by low unemployment and thus greater competition for the candidates in general and graduates with special skills and personal profiles in particular. It is our experience that especially in a time like now, it is important to think creatively – not just in relation to how the right candidates are found and attracted. There must also be creative thinking in relation to how job content can be organised and adjusted, and how in-house competencies can best be brought into play. And how best to achieve effective integration and retention of new employees in the organisation through targeted onboarding activities.

HJORT & FRØIK has a unique approach to recruitment and talent attraction. We combine our many years of experience in search & selection and organisational learning by including onboarding for the final candidate as an integral part of search & selection.

Onboarding is a tailor-made learning program, which is based on a 360° analysis of the job profile through interviews with managers and key employees in your company. By combining our experiences with learning and a detailed pre-analysis in this way, we achieve a wider range of talent, a better match between the candidate and the job and a better job start for both the new employee and the company. It is our opinion that the industry often thinks too narrowly and traditionally in relation to desired candidates, and that the candidate selection thereby becomes unnecessarily limited. The integrated onboarding process is also your company’s guarantee for the optimal sparring, and our guarantee to find the right candidates. Read more about our search & selection approach here.

International Recruitment

HJORT & FRØIK can supplement your company’s recruitment efforts with international recruitment, where we help companies find, attract and recruit talent and labor from other EU countries for jobs at companies and organisations in Denmark.

We continuously find and attract candidates who have a desire to work in another EU country – or perhaps are just open to the idea. We inform them about Denmark, our labour market, society, culture and the opportunities to get interesting and developing work here.

We activate our international candidates and our network in relation to the needs of your company and the opportunities here. Your company’s brand, culture and the need for resources within certain professional areas are marketed in countries where there are many well-educated, young people who receive significantly lower wages and less attractive careers than what they can achieve in Denmark. In the EU, countries such as Portugal, Spain and Germany are obvious countries to attract young talent from. Read more about our approach to international recruitment here.

HJORT & FRØIK’s additional services

In addition to search & selection, our competencies and experiences are focused within organisational learning, technology implementation, and organisational and leadership development. It is our focus to create development, growth, momentum, motivation and competencies at the crossroads between organisation, team, employees, managers, business, culture, structures and technology.

HJORT & FRØIK’s approach is to see changes in organisations in a broad business perspective, where the individual sub-elements and actions can be seen as coherent and interdependent – as a larger or smaller cultural transformation. By focusing on change as a cultural transformation, we achieve to highlight key factors that by a coordinated and coherent effort can be brought to play together and support each other.

Our 4 Business Areas

Our customers are private companies and public organisations who need to implement major or minor changes, or who need support for attracting and building the necessary skills and talents. The assignments we solve are often complex and are always customised, as no two organisations are exactly alike. We have described our competencies and services within 4 business areas:

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HJORT & FRØIK combines our many years of experience within search & selection and organisational learning by including an onboarding process for the final candidate as an integral part of search & selection.

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HJORT & FRØIK supplements companies’ recruitment efforts with international recruitment, where we help companies find, motivate and recruit talent and labour from other countries for jobs at companies in Denmark.

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HJORT & FRØIK can help when new strategic initiatives, digitisation projects or other changes need to shift gears from a limited implementation project to coming alive in the organisation.

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HJORT & FRØIK has extensive experience and competence in both organisational development, learning and technology implementation and management sparring, which we put together for effective and relevant organisational and leadership development.

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Search & Selection

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International Recruitment

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Organisational Learning & Technology Implementation

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Organisational and Leadership Development

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However, we are fully aware that these areas often overlap with our customers. And that elements of the different areas are at play in most of our customers’ organisations in different variations. We are therefore aware that our advice is always adapted to the situation.

Our values

We work with our customers at eye level on all levels of the organisation. We have an innovative, positive and open view of the challenges and/or changes our customers face – based on a strong ethical foundation, a high level of professionalism, and extensive experience in relation to organisation, team, employees, managers, business, culture, structures and technology.

When we initiate a new assignment, we first spend time on a thorough analysis of the situation and the underlying factors and organisational contexts. It is our experience that this time pays off well, as we in this way create a solid foundation for the collaboration and the execution of the assignment.

Common to our advice and services is that we most often work with our customers where the complexity in the organisation and the business is greatest – and where the potential for possible gains and benefits are correspondingly large. We are experts in stepping in when situations are about to escalate and/or when expected results do not materialise.

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