Susanne Hjort
Managing Partner

M: +45 20672086

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As Managing Partner in Hjort & Frøik, Susanne offers many years of experience in international search & selection, organisational implementation, learning, and leadership development. Susanne is professionally well-founded with a broad portfolio of courses and educations in healthcare/ medico, gestalt therapy, social and personality psychology as well as a Master in Ethics and Values in Organisations from Aarhus University. Susanne is passionate to make a difference for her customers and approaches new tasks based on her personal mantra that we must not forget the importance and understanding of the interaction between people, organisations and new knowledge. Curiosity, analytical approach and understanding are hallmarks of Susanne’s competences to lead and solve bigger and smaller assignments in your organisation.

Lennart Frøik

M: +45 20101700

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As partner in Hjort & Frøik, Lennart offers many years of experience in search & selection,a sound and broad technical understanding in relation to technology implementation of bigger and smaller solutions in your organisation. Lennart holds an education as engineer and has many years of management experience in the it-telecom industry, where he in previous roles as General Manager, Sales and Project Director has lead and developed strategic business areas and projects in large international companies. Hallmarks of Lennart’s competences are his many years of experience as well as his particular abilities to understand and solve complex issues and at the same time create customer-focussed adaptations that subsequently make it easier to implement new technologies in your organisation. In Lennart you meet an experienced person who quickly creates an overview of your challenges and subsequently guides you safely through.