About Us

Hjort & Frøik was founded in 2007 by Susanne Hjort. Based on many years of theoretical and practical experience in collaboration with our customers, we have developed a deep and extensive knowledge and experience about, how we create the best interaction between the individual person, the team in which the person participates, – and the organisation to which the person belongs. All in a business and strategic perspective to the benefit of both the company and the employees.

At Hjort & Frøik, our reasons to exist are our customers. We work to develop our customers, from where they currently are, and in the areas where they can achieve the biggest benefit and have the highest potential for development. No assignments are too small for us. In some cases, we initiate cooperation with a development talk. In other cases, we initiate a larger set-up, where concrete tasks are to be solved. What has been and continues to be the centre and pivotal point in Hjort & Frøik are our unique competences, trust and openness with our customers. We meet our customers at eye level and work from a social constructivist way of thinking. Together with our customer, we work to describe and understand the socio-cultural relations, learning environment, and competence level in the organisation in order to assist our customer in the best possible way, in areas where they experience that development and progress does not quite proceed the way they expected.

If you will like to meet us, you are very welcome to start by contacting me for an open talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards

Susanne Hjort
Managing Partner
Hjort & Frøik
M: +45 20672086
@: sh@hjort-froik.com


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