We continuously perform courses within our areas of expertise. This can for instance be within leadership development, organisational development, recruitment or onboarding. If you will like a dialogue about the course possibilities, please contact us.

Leadership development courses

We hold leadership development courses for management groups from the same company as well as open courses with managers from different companies.

If you come from the same company, the management course will be adapted to the company’s needs and will be based on the management group’s themes, which will be uncovered before the course starts. We hold the courses close to your company or where it makes the most sense for you. Contact us for further dialogue about leadership development in your company.

If you wish to participate in an open course in leadership development, you can register for the course in personal leadership, which is described below

We perform courses within:

You can read more about our courses in leadership development and the leadership course: Your Personal Leadership Development below on this page.

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Leadership Course:
Your Personal Leadership Development

Do you thrive in the role as manager, and how well do you know your own abilities and competencies as a leader? What is involved in being a good leader, and to what extent do you take responsibility for your own development?

Development, self-insight, and the ability to focus are factors that we at HJORT & FRØIK work with so that you as a manager can achieve a better self-understanding/insight and thereby become a better manager who is able to see his employees, as they are. (The better you know yourself, the more clearly you see others).

At HJORT & FRØIK, we equip you to see things from a different perspective and at the same time be able to sense what the right management decision is in the situation in question.

The art of knowing oneself and one’s points of development is the most important step in becoming a better leader. One of the biggest challenges as a manager is if you are not curious about getting to know yourself better. The focus should therefore be on your own leadership development, so that you can support your employees in their personal development.

How far should a manager go in his relations with his employees? As a leader, you find the answer within yourself. Therefore, self-reflection, attention training in relation to the basic emotions (anger, joy, anxiety and sadness) is your future answer to how you will become better able to make decisions in the future. If you feel for and find the answer within yourself, you ensure that you include your whole self in the decisions you make.

Roughly speaking, it is being able to trust oneself, dare to challenge and at the same time be able to feel when one’s own limit has been reached, in combination with the ability to ask questions, listen and understand all factors that together make you a strong, present, authentic and sincere leader. A leader who is not afraid to move out of the comfort zone and act according to what your inner compass guides you to.

Your inner compass will become your new friend – a friend that you always have with you – regardless of the situation and surroundings. Together with us, you will experience sides of yourself that you may not have previously dared to delve into or may not have been familiar with.

As a starting point, we put together course teams with managers from different companies. We attach great importance to creating an ethically and morally free space for the course participants, where you can use each other’s strengths and build a strong group dynamic and a network where you can feel safe, seen and heard, and where you can obtain constructive feedback and in-depth sparring from your fellow students and instructors.


  • Managers who want to develop their personal leadership and become a strong, present, authentic and sincere leader.
  • Managers who want to become better at making the right decisions and include themselves in these decisions.
  • Managers who want to become part of a management network where you get constructive feedback and in-depth management sparring


  • You have personnel responsibility and want to work with yourself in relation to strengthening your personal leadership.
  • You have an open, curious and positive attitude to getting to know yourself and others better.
  • You can see the benefits of being part of a trusting and dynamic management network, where you can be honest about yourself and the management challenges that you are facing.


Our program includes the following main elements:

  • Manager and Personal Profile Analysis – approx. 14 days before the start of the course, you answer an online manager and person profile analysis (analysis tool NEO-PI3), and before the start of the course we give you individual feedback on your profile and have a first development talk with you, where we form a first impression of you as a manager and person and get a description of the development points that you would like to work on during the course.
  • Homework – before the start of the course. Preparing a presentation of yourself: Who you are, what you stand for, what is important in your life and your leadership right now. What journey are you on? Development goals in relation to your leadership role.
  • Development course, 1st part, 3 days – Get to know yourself, your leadership style and your feelings better. We work i.a. with:
    • Your personal leadership style
    • To contain, to be able to feel and see yourself and others
    • Own boundaries, ethics and values – the company’s value base and culture
    • To be open, forthcoming, mentally present and tolerant,
    • Communication: Inquire, listen, reflect and understand
    • Cooperating with others and benefiting from differences
  • Homework and reflection
  • Development course, 2nd part, 3 days – Presentation of your development since last: Where have you been successful and where it is difficult. New work goals in relation to your leadership role. Do you see new perspectives or sides of yourself? We continue to work with the subjects from the 1st part of the course and also work with:
    • Openness in relation to working with yourself and others, and at the same time taking care of yourself
    • Ethical and moral freedom
    • Balance between head, heart and body
    • Dealing with situations that continue to feel difficult or stuck
    • Danger signals in the form of e.g. dissatisfaction, stress, lack of motivation or the like
  • Follow-up meeting – We hold an individual, follow-up meeting 14 days to 1 month after the end of the course, possibly with agreement on a further course of action.
  • Network meeting – As an additional option, we encourage you to maintain the relationship with your fellow students through ongoing network meetings. We facilitate the first network meeting (1/2 day), which we recommend is held at one of the course participants’ companies approx. 1 month after the last day of the course.