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When an employee terminates his employment in a company or the number of tasks increases, and the company therefore needs one or more new employees, we can help you find competent and motivated managers and employees, who can contribute to continuous development of your organisation – via our Search & Selection process, which you can read more about below.

A New Recruitment Holds the Potential for Development

The situation is often seen as a shortage situation, where the missing employee(s) must be replaced as soon as possible so that daily operations can continue as undisturbed as possible.

Although it is of course important to replace missing employees, we at HJORT & FRØIK see the need for one or more new employees wider than just a shortage situation. We believe that any new hiring has the potential for the manager to fine-tune his organisation or perhaps continue ongoing adjustments in the organisation’s competencies, focus, organisation, culture, and/or other relevant business parameters. It requires that one chooses to approach the attraction of candidates, the recruitment process and the subsequent onboarding process in a development-oriented way.

As unemployment decline and competition for employees with a number of specific competencies and qualifications increase, as well as the younger generations’ increasing demands for purpose and development opportunities in their professional lives, companies’ needs increase correspondingly to offer candidates an attractive opportunity for professional development in order to create a broader field of candidates and at the same time to be able to bring new employees up-to-speed faster in relation to becoming a productive asset for the company. For us at HJORT & FRØIK, this need goes hand in hand with a development-oriented approach to attracting candidates, the recruitment process and the subsequent onboarding process.

Development-oriented Search & Selection Increases Productivity

HJORT & FRØIK’s basic philosophy is that people and thereby organizations thrive on and unfold their motivation, collaboration and competencies through development. Therefore, we humans will continuously naturally look for new challenges, and when the development opportunities are limited, we will either come to terms with the situation and stay in an everyday life with slowly and gradually decreasing motivation – or search further towards new challenges and development opportunities. Seen in this light, some replacement in an organisation (or in a fine word: staff turnover) is not just natural, but also inevitable.

However, it is also our experience that the employees’ productive time in the organisation can be increased considerably and at the same time have a indirect effect on the existing organisation through a development-oriented approach to talent attraction and onboarding – by being able to attract and focus on the right talents and set the right mindset.

Competent and Motivated Candidates

HJORT & FRØIK’s goal is that our customers can attract competent and motivated candidates with qualifications, personal profile, personal values ​​and norms that match the company’s business, strategy, culture and work environment, and that our customers can quickly and efficiently integrate the new employee into their organisation, so that the new employee feels welcome, experiences to fit in well, experiences that tasks are developing and exciting, and that the employee can quickly contribute independently and productively to the organisation within his job area.

In this way, we also achieve that the employment of the new employee will not stand alone, but is an integral part of the goals and directions that the company has set. Not only can a new employee make a difference, but by creating positive dynamics between the new employee and the company’s existing organisation – and in the long run other new employees – the company gets a powerful tool to realise its goals and strategies.

Our Search & Selection Process Has Many Benefits

The above-mentioned benefits can be achieved through a Search & Selection process with a focus on talent attraction and onboarding, where we work with a human, culture and development-oriented approach with the aim of creating the best possible dynamics and development potential in the collaboration for the benefit of both the new employee and the existing organisation.

The benefits are many:

  • The company gets a new employee who not only fills a vacancy, but who can actively contribute to and catalyse the development of the organization in relation to the set strategy.
  • The company and the employee will experience a positive dynamic that unfolds opportunities instead of limiting them.
  • The employee feels at home, is passionate about the business area and is ready to contribute energy and competencies to the company
  • Strategic initiatives and changes can be supported by the new employee’s openness to new ways and energy to contribute actively
  • The organisation’s existing resources in the form of tacit or unstructured knowledge are structured and brought into play in relation to the onboarding of the new employee – and can also be used to upgrade the existing organisation and/or benefit the company’s customers in the form of structured learning processes – and may be used to support strategic change or the introduction of new workflows or tools.

In short, our Search & Selection course is designed to turn a vacancy into a business and organisational potential for the development-oriented leader.

If you have vacancies and skills needs in your company, ask for our advice.

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