High Employment Rate Creates Labour Shortage

The high level of employment in Denmark, the development in the demographics of the population and the desire for continued development of our welfare systems have led to a great demand for qualified labour and a large number of positions where it takes a long time to fill a position or where positions cannot be filled at all. Thus, there is a general lack of labour in Denmark in many professional areas, and most forecasts show that the lack of labour will increase further towards 2030, when there will be a shortage of approx. 90,000 employees in Denmark.

International Recruitment Brings New Labour and New Talent to Denmark

HJORT & FRØIK can supplement your company’s recruitment efforts with international recruitment, where we help companies find, attract and recruit talent and labour from other EU countries for jobs in companies and organisations in Denmark.

In addition to providing companies with resources that might otherwise be difficult to recruit, international recruitment can help to ensure that the Danish labour market on a societal level is net supplied with more resources, more labour and more talent, instead of the companies in Denmark hiring talent from one another, which simply means that the workforce moves around between companies, which often leads to an increasing wage spiral and poor utilisation of the resources available in Denmark.

Denmark is an Attractive Country and Labour Market for Many EU Candidates

We continuously find and attract candidates who have a desire to work in another EU country – or perhaps are just open to the idea. We inform them about Denmark, our labour market, society, culture and the opportunities for get interesting and developing work here. In Denmark, we indeed have a labour market, which is attractive in many respects for many EU citizens, especially for citizens from other EU countries further south.

  • High salary level
  • High standard of living
  • Great focus on talent and career development
  • High degree of digitisation and technology development
  • Modern management with more empowerment for the employees
  • Secure and well-established democracy
  • Well-functioning public services within, for example, childcare, education and health
  • A work culture with great freedom under responsibility and work/life balance

International Recruitment Promotes Diversity and Sustainability in Your Company

The company’s brand, culture and the need for resources within specific professional areas are marketed in countries where there are many well-educated, young people who receive significantly lower wages and less attractive careers than what they can achieve in Denmark. In the EU, countries such as Portugal, Spain and Germany are obvious countries to attract young talent from.

In addition to access to more qualified candidates, this approach also gives you the opportunity to market your company and its brand actively on an international level, just as hiring international candidates will help to promote diversity and sustainability in your company

International Candidates can be a Supplement to Many Vacancies

When we work with international candidates, we work together with your company to identify a number of specific profiles or open positions in the company that are challenging to fill, and which can be gathered into a larger common denominator, e.g. “technicians within electrical engineering and construction”, “mechanical engineers” or “SW developers” or another field.

We activate our international candidates and our network in relation to the needs of your particular company and the opportunities here. The found pool of candidates can then be matched to the most relevant positions in your company in relation to their competence and included as candidates for the relevant positions in addition to the candidates who apply directly themselves or who you may find in another way. If one of the international candidates is not chosen for the first position, they can perhaps be used for the next position – or the one after that.

HJORT & FRØIK Supports the Establishment of a New Everyday Life and Working Life in Denmark

International candidates benefit greatly from extra support and onboarding in connection with the new job in your company. After all, they not only have to start a new job, but also start a new everyday life in a new country. At HJORT & FRØIK, we work together with your company and the new employee to make relocation, integration and onboarding in Denmark and your company as quick and flexible as possible.

If you have vacancies that you find difficult to fill, contact us to see if international recruitment could be a possible solution. Perhaps it is a combination of several measures, which means that you succeed in finding the right candidate(s).

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HJORT & FRØIK supplements companies’ recruitment efforts with international recruitment, where we help companies find, motivate and recruit talent and labour from other countries for jobs at companies in Denmark.

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