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The technological development, market changes and companies’ desire for change are evolving faster than what the individual human being can keep up with. But despite this fact, only a few resources are often set aside to get the individual departments, teams and employees “involved” in the new.

When new strategic initiatives, digitisation projects or similar management initiatives are decided and implemented, management is typically involved to varying degrees, and a project manager and his/her team and a few other selected employees are more deeply involved, often in technical and/or structural detail issues, while large parts of the organisation have only been sporadically involved or not involved at all.

When Technology Implementation Needs to Shift Gears

But often the realisation of the desired benefits, which has driven the decision and implementation of the project, depends on getting all or large parts of the organisation “involved”. So, where the initial implementation of a new technology, digitisation or strategic change can be started and shaped in a more or less defined project, then the implementation must at some point shift gears in relation to the involvement of larger parts of the organisation. This is where the strategy, system and plans meet the reality, everyday life, the organisation and the business, which must maintain its momentum and continue to deliver results while relating to the “new”. This is where implementation often loses momentum or meets resistance. And this is where HJORT & FRØIK typically come into the picture. In the shift from the implementation of a technology or change from a limited project to a larger organisational commissioning, the need for organisational learning and implementation competencies and experiences changes significantly.

HJORT & FRØIK’s model for organisational learning

At HJORT & FRØIK, we work with a model that combines the new technologies or changes with a focus on the desired business gains with a respectful understanding of the premises for the individual managers, departments, teams, employees in relation to how the new best can be brought to give meaning and value in precisely their part of the organisation. Through this, the gap between the current implementation status of technologies and changes on the one hand and the organisation’s current readiness, competencies, structures and workflows on the other hand can be identified and addressed.

Targeted motivation, competence building and upskilling are often a focal point for the upskilling of the individual managers and employees that is necessary to create momentum. Here, the technology supplier’s product training or the company’s management’s strategy presentation is seldom sufficient in relation to creating the learning, reflection and subsequent action of the individual manager or employee that is necessary to ensure the desired organisational implementation.

HJORT & FRØIK has many years of experience in how organisations can develop through dialogue, development and adaptation of learning initiatives – based on both classically recognised and the latest principles for learning environments, adult learning, pedagogy and didactics. In this way, we can, together with the organisation, create the necessary, powerful learning tools and learning insights that the organisational implementation can revolve around in relation to creating the desired momentum in the organisation.

HJORT & FRØIK’s train-the-trainer concept

Organisational implementation is rarely a “quick fix”. Therefore, it is an important part of the implementation that the changes and development are brought to be “lived out” in the individual department or team. HJORT & FRØIK works on the basis of a train-the-trainer concept, where managers and employees with the best competencies in relation to the professional content, learning, changes, technologies and other relevant parameters are brought into play in relation to being at the forefront of the changes and learning in the organisation. HJORT & FRØIK have many years of experience in identifying the people in the organisation who have the best prerequisites, professional competencies and personal qualities that can be involved and upgraded within both the “new”, learning tools and the necessary business governance, so that these people can carry the tab in the individual department or team on, when HJORT & FRØIK are no longer involved.

If you want help with the implementation of “the new” in your organisation, or perhaps have a project where the desired gains or results have not yet materialised, ask for our advice.

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